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Frequently Asked Questions

For both venues and musicians. These are our most asked questions from people who hear about us.

The $40 booking fee is ONLY for the booking service, NOT the price paid out to the musicians. Example: Vinyl Chromatic books John Smith to play live music at your restaurant for $300. You pay John Smith $300 when they shows up at your restaurant, and we invoice you for $40 after the gig for a total of $340. You get to set your budget, we do the rest of the scheduling work for you.

No! Vinyl Chromatic is not a booking agent. We work directly for venues and manage their live music schedules. In fact, we actually work with a lot of booking agents! We do not have any exclusivity clauses, and we can book whoever, wherever. Some musicians found that they don’t need a booking agent after finding out how easy it was to get gigs through us though.

Click on the Get Started button to fill out our initial form. It will ask you some basic questions about your restaurants environment. Then we will get in touch with you to figure out dates, times, and locations. From there, you go on easy mode and we handle the rest!

We are currently building out our software platform. At this time, the best way to get bookings is by reaching out to us directly! Use the contact form or send us an email. It helps to send your social media pages and website.

It is very tough to break into your first few shows. The best way to start is 1) prove your talent and abilities. Create videos of yourself playing and post them on your Facebook page. 2) Make sure that you have a big enough set list as most bookings are 3 hours long. 3) Don’t get discouraged. If this is something that you know you want to do, keep creating content and we’re positive that a venue that we book for will give you a shot.

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